Are dressing tables a luxury or an essential? You decide

Furniture is an essential part of all aspects of life, from eating, sleeping and even getting dressed. A dressing table is a table (usually this table also has rearwards and mirrors) that is used when one is getting dressed and has become a staple in most homes.

A dressing table is usually located in the bedroom and most times is placed parallel to the bed. The dressing table, as the name implies, is a table designed for the purpose of helping the owner get dressed.

Most dressing tables are made with mirrors. The attached mirrors are made to help the user to see themselves and their clothes while getting dressed. Some dressing tables even have a full-body mirrors that give a head-to-toe view of the user which makes getting dressed that much easier. The mirrors also assist users to applying make-up and getting their hair done. Mirror sizes vary and can be anything from smaller mirrors that focus on the face to full-body mirrors that give a more extensive view of the user. Those with smaller mirrors usually come with accompanying stools. These stools are sat upon while dressing up, applying make up and doing one’s hair.

Dressing tables also often come with drawers. Because they are designed to assist in the process of getting dressed, the added drawers are used in the storage of cosmetics, brushes, creams and other items. Most times, these items are permanently stored in the dressing table drawer. Items are also kept and stored on the dressing table’s table top.

The dressing table is like any piece of furniture and adds to the beauty of the room and can be matched with the desired color scheme. Dressing tables can be made of wood, plastic, metal or any other material and the choice of dressing table is often made based on a number of factors including its appearance, mirror size, number of dressers and overall functionality among others.

How important are side tables?

Side tables are an absolute necessity when it comes to decorating your home, not only for design but also for functionality and character. They are great to place in a home or apartment with limited space. I am going to give you a few ideas to get you started.

When people think of side tables, they always seem to refer to end tables; which is not the case. Side tables are tables that can be placed anywhere in your home, such as bedroom, living room, office, and many more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Side tables can be placed anywhere in the living room where there is either a need for one or if you have some space on an empty wall. No consumer wants their home looking as if something is missing. The table also could replace a coffee table, Just make sure that it will look proper in front of your sofa and match your living room décor.

In more decorative point of view, you could place one in your entryway and display beautiful flowers and prized possessions. It could also serve the purpose as a place to set everyday essentials such as your key’s, mail, and could even hide some of your shoes underneath it to make your entryway look more beautiful and functional.

Of course then there is the bedroom which is what everyone normally thinks of using these tables for when they hear the term side table. Which is also a great idea; there is really no need for a big bulky night stand. I personally prefer to have a side table next to my bed. I have had night stands with drawers, and extra storage. All it seemed to do was just collect massive amounts of clutter.

Side tables can come in any shape, style, or design. It can be made from wood, glass, metal, and iron and stone! I personally prefer to use oak because it is a very attractive wood and color; this is almost impossible to argue with. Because of this, it is easily incorporated into a wide variety of homes decorated in a great many different styles. Some types of side tables are harder to match with existing furniture, but this rarely the case with oak. Suitable for both rustic homey décor and upscale, chic décor, an oak side table is attractive in almost every setting.